4 Keys to Overcoming Adversity

In life, adversity can mean losing a loved one or losing a job.

In basketball, adversity can mean losing a game (or string of games) or getting injured.

Here are 4 keys to overcoming any adversity:

  • Stay honest. Don’t make excuses. Excuses are a form of lying because you are deflecting the truth. You must always take ownership for your role in what caused the adversity. You always have control over you attitude and effort.
  • Stay positive. Being negative never The more adversity you face, the more positive you must be. Optimism is a choice.
  • Stay insulated. Keep your inner circle strong. When adversity strikes, championship teams use it as a glue to bond. Mediocre teams use it as a wedge to divide. Championship teams use adversity as a fuel for motivation. Mediocre teams use it as rationale for finger pointing. In order to overcome adversity, you can’t let outside influences penetrate your locker room.
  • Stay confident. You can’t let a few losses or an injury shake your foundation. Winning breeds confidence and confidence breeds winning. But the confidence must come first. You can’t win consistently if you don’t believe in yourself (and believe in your teammates). And confidence must be earned.

And never forget, ‘adversity is usually a prerequisite to great accomplishments.’

Thanks for reading, time to get back in the gym.

Alan Stein
SnapChat: AlanSteinJr