5 Things College Coaches Really Look For

What college coaches really look for…

  • Is he a winner? – Coaches want players that care more about the scoreboard than the box score. Does he do the little things that help his team win? Does he box out, dive on loose balls, take charges, make rotations in time, stay in an active stance in the gap, communicate the entire possession, huddle teammates during dead balls, etc.
  • How can he help us on the court? – Coaches want players with skill sets that they can highlight and fit within their system. They’re looking for players that fit their team needs and support their current roster too.
  • How can he hurt us on the court? – Coaches can’t have liabilities on the court and need players they trust. They look for weaknesses that are tough to improve and have to evaluate if the good outweighs the bad enough to help the team win games.
  • Will he help or hurt our locker room? – Coaches know how valuable a good locker room is, so they look for high character, hard working, team-first players that value winning. Selfish players may be talented, but are very hard to win with and deal with and they can hurt the program’s reputation, so there is no place for them.
  • How does he respond to adversity? – Coaches want to know if they can trust you when things get tough. Will you fold and make excuses or will you keep fighting and find ways to get your team moving back in the right direction? They love watching you respond to blown calls, missed shots, sub-outs and time-outs because how you respond to adversity shows your true character.

Alright, time to get back in the gym.

Drew Hanlen