What coaches look for when recruiting players?

Is he a winner? – Coaches want players that care more about the scoreboard than the box score. Does he do the little things that help our team win? Box out, dive on loose balls, take charges, make rotations in time, stay in an active stance in the gap, communicate the entire possession, huddle teammates […]

On-court skills that players need to make a successful jump to the next level

On-court skills that players need to make a successful jump to the next level: Handling pressure – While the NCAA added hand-checking rules, the game is a lot faster and a lot more physical at the next level. You have to work on staying tough and poised when you’re pressured. Shooting – Every team needs […]

Keys to making a smooth transition to college ball from high school

Stay hungry – I don’t care how good you think you are or how great others think you are, you can improve and you’ll need to improve if you want to be successful at the next level. Everyone at the next level was a former All-State/All-City player, so coasting no longer will give you results. […]

10 Shooting Keys

The only way to score in the game of basketball is by putting the ball through the hoop, which means shooting is as valuable of a skill as any. Today, I’m going to share my ten shooting keys that will help you develop the perfect shooting form. Before I start, I want to note that […]

7 Keys to Making Free Throws

This year in the NBA, teams are scoring 17.5% of their points from made free throws. That stat alone stresses how important they are. Most coaches think that getting up extra reps after practice is enough, but if you don’t have the proper mechanics and a comfortable routine, you’re just creating bad habits that will […]

Work Load

When I first started training players, I would kill them during grueling workouts that caused a few current NBA players to pass out (seriously). I wanted to test them mentally, physically and emotionally EVERY workout. Years later, I have matured and now understand how important having purpose is during workouts. While you need to ensure […]

What to Work On?

One of the biggest questions I get on Twitter from players and coaches that want to ensure they are maximizing their workout time is: “How do I decide what skills to work on and how long to work on them in workouts?” This is a big part of the secret sauce and there is no […]