Choices and Consequences

I am a huge believer in the concept of choices and consequences.

Each of us has a choice in everything we do in life. Everything.

Even with things beyond our control, we choose how we respond.

And every choice we make has a consequence.

Some consequences are good/positive and some are bad/negative.

For some reason, the word “consequence” has been given a negative connotation.

But consequence is just another word for result.

Every choice you make produces a result.

What is the consequence of not eating breakfast?

Hunger, lack of focus, low energy and poor performance.

What is the consequence of making 20 free throws in a row before you leave every workout?

Shooting a higher FT% and hitting clutch free throws during games.

See the correlation?!

Success is not an accident. Neither is failure.

And where you are today is an accumulation and culmination of every decision you have ever made.

If you don’t like where you are, it’s time to start making different choices!

Thanks for reading, time to get back in the gym.

Alan Stein
SnapChat: AlanSteinJr