Competing is a Skill

Having had the great fortune to be around the most talented players in the world over my career – from Kobe to LeBron to Steph to KD to CP3 – I noticed there is a key factor that separates them from everyone else.

That is the ability to compete.

Mediocre players rarely compete. Good players compete when they want to. Great players compete all of the time… every drill, every workout, every day. Their competitive fire never stops burning.

And competing doesn’t always have to be against another player. Great players compete against themselves. Great players compete against the clock. Great players compete against the drill. They are never satisfied with what they have already accomplished and are constantly competing to improve. They aim to raise the bar every single workout. No matter how much success they have had, they are always looking to go to another level.

Great players pick and choose when to compete. They compete all of the time. They have made competing a habit.

Don’t think you can just “turn it on” when the season starts. You need to start competing now… every drill, every workout, every day.

Thanks for reading, time to get back in the gym.

Alan Stein
SnapChat: AlanSteinJr