Do You Want a Guarantee?

One of the toughest things to deal with as an adult is the concept that nothing in life is guaranteed. Except for death and taxes. And while I certainly despise paying taxes, my gut feeling is I would like death even less.

This concept of “nothing being guaranteed” is so evident in sports. Jim Valvano, the late coach of NC State and one of my favorite motivational speakers, once said something to the effect of:

“Just because you work hard doesn’t guarantee you will be successful. But not working hard guarantees you won’t be.”

Have you ever spent hours upon hours studying for a test… and still gotten a poor grade? Has your team ever spent hours upon hours practicing all week… and still lost the big game?

Of course you have; it happens to the best of us. Working hard and not achieving success is a tough pill to swallow. It is hard in basketball and it is hard in life. But it is fact. And it is something every player and coach needs to come to terms with… because no one is immune. And when a minor setback (or failure) occurs, you have to learn from it, move past it and get back to working hard again!

But since working hard is a given… a requirement… a non-negotiable… you need to add working smart and working consistently to the equation if you truly want to be successful.

Thanks for reading, time to get back in the gym.

Alan Stein
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