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    • 5v4 Shell

      This drill has five offensive players playing against four defenders. It is a live drill with one rule, the offense can only score with lay-ups and wide open 3-pointers.

    • Shoulder War

      This is a great individual drill to use with your team to work on maintaining a straight line drive against pressure and finish.

    • Ball Screen Reads – Top Pop

      The top pop is used to attack a hedging defender and keeps your hips and vision square to see and make better reads.

    • I Cut & Space Cut

      Drew teaches two types of cuts bigs should make on baseline and middle penetration.

    • 2v2 Helpside Exchange

      2v2 Helpside exchange helps your team improve their rotations versus baseline drives in a game-like situation.

    • 3 Straight Line Drive Finishes

      Drew teaches three finishes moves to use in straight line drives. 1. Mini Hook 2. Veer Finish 3. Quick Stop Finish

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