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    • Active Hands, High Hands (Defensive Principles)

      Drew teaches the proper way to have active hands and active feet playing defense on the ball.

    • Pindown Shooting

      Pindown shooting drill takes your team through two shots off a wide pindown that they need to master. 1. Pindown curl jumper 2. Pindown fade (3-pointer)

    • 4v3 Scramble

      Work on your disadvantage rotations on defense in a 4v3 situation.

    • Rip-Through Series

      Drew goes through a rip-through series in the mid-post area. 1. Over Top Rip-Through 2. Rip-Through Spin Back 3. Over Top Rip, Back Down Game

    • 2v1 Rebounding

      Get your team competing with this rebounding drill working on blocking out.

    • Mid-Post Series

      Drew teaches several moves to use in the mid-post to create separation and score. 1. Two-Touch Jab 2. Shot Fake, Baseline Jab & Go 3. Shot Fake, Knee-Knee-Chest Rip

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