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Pure Sweat Basketball has created a revolutionary online training program that allows players to experience basketball skills and drills, along with a complete Strength & Conditioning program, used by top high school, college and NBA players.

Online Training Program
Pure Sweat Basketball has created a six-category, ten-level online daily player development program that allows players to bring the Pure Sweat Basketball training experience to their homes. The online program is easy to follow, and will maximize players’ basketball potential by providing the latest Skill Development and Strength & Conditioning information, teaching points and concepts through intense, innovative drills. The program enhances player’s skills and fundamentals, which allow them to be successful at any level.

Players will have access to over 2,400 unique workouts that include ball handling, shooting, passing, one-on-one scoring/finishing, footwork, strength & conditioning, and teaching points. Beyond skill improvement in those categories, players learn to handle pressure, create their own shots, read screens, and make quick decisions. Players will also improve their flexibility, quickness, explosiveness, and jumping ability with Alan Stein’s Strength & Conditioning program.

Each workout specifies daily drills that are outlined and demonstrated on video. You’ll see each drill step-by-step, and at full speed. It’s like having a personal trainer right on your computer! You can also download and print daily workout plans to use during your on-court practice.

Players will be able to view the online program on any computer and on most phones that support both Internet and video.