SLOB – Celtics – Post Iso, 15 Seconds

Check out this set if you need to get a big isolated in the post with 15 seconds left. Set Up: 2 will inbound the ball. The team will be in a box set with 1 & 3 on the blocks and 5 & 4 on the elbows. 1 & 5 will be ball side. […]

SLOB – Celtics – Wide Flex, EOG

Use this set from the Celtics when you need a bucket with 11 seconds left on the clock. Set Up: 4 will inbound the ball. 1 & 5 will be at the top of the key. 2 will be on the weak-side wing and the 3 will be positioned in the weak-side corner. Step 1: […]

SLOB – Celtics – Pindown Ball Screen

In this Sideline Out of Bounds Play, the Celtics spread the court for an attack and kick that results in an open three. Set Up: 1 will inbound the ball. 5 will be at the top of the key. 4 will be on the strong side block. 2 & 3 will be stacked on the […]

Pure Sweat: Brad Stevens, Head Coach, Boston Celtics

Alan Stein sits down with Boston Celtics Head Coach, Brad Stevens, to discuss how to get players to accept their role, how to stay focused on the process, and what the biggest adjustments were moving from college to the pros.