Training vs Working Out

Do you know the difference between training and workout out?

Training is when you follow a systematic, progressive plan with measurable goals. Training is purposeful and consistent.

Working out is when you push to exhaustion with no real direction or specificity. You get sweaty and winded but don’t accomplish anything. It is when you confuse activity of achievement.

Intensity, purpose and consistency are the keys to success in training. You have to be working towards something to make it effective. You have to have a plan. You have to have goals. You have to make progress towards those goals every workout.

Working out just to work out, with no aim or direction, will give you mediocre results at best. Puddles of sweat and aching muscles are only valuable if they are taking you closer to where you are trying to go.

Don’t just work out. Train.

Thanks for reading, time to get back in the gym.

Alan Stein
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