What is a Good Shot?

The game of basketball is really very simple in theory. On offense, you want to take the highest percentage shot each possession. On defense, you want your opponent to take the lowest percentage shot each possession. If you can do that a majority of the time, you will win a majority of your games!

A high percentage shot is a ‘good’ shot. As obvious as it may sound, a lot of players don’t know what a ‘good’ shot is!

Here is a list of what constitutes a ‘good’ shot. The most important concept for players to understand is that the definition of a ‘good’ shot varies from player to player.

  1. A good shot is one that is expected by your teammates.
  2. A good shot is one that you are ready to shoot (on balance, square to the basket, etc.).
  3. A good shot is one that you shoot a high percentage on in drills and in practice (it is in your range).
  4. A good shot is one that can be rebounded by your teammates.
  5. A good shot is one that you can recover and play defense from if it is missed.
  6. A good shot is one that is appropriate given the time and the score.
  7. A good shot is one that is taken when you are not closely guarded (excluding shots around the basket).

Thanks for reading, time to get back in the gym.

Alan Stein
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