Why Coaches Need to Embrace Snapchat

I finally joined Snapchat.

Yes, I am a day late and a dollar short.

What took me so long?

Honestly, I was stubborn. I didn’t feel like adding another social network to my plate. I thought it was a passing trend.

I was 100% wrong. I can admit it.

Coaches, Snapchat isn’t going anywhere. It is simply an evolution and iteration of social media.

For those that don’t understand it… I didn’t either until I got on it… studied it… and embraced it. I highly recommend you do the same.

Numerous people have told me that ‘Snapchat’ is for kids.

That is simply not true. I’ve already interacted with hundreds of coaches. Now, I am not debating the fact it skews heavily to folks under 25 years old… but trust me… coaches are on there.

And they should be.

Why? It’s where our youth is. It’s monopolizing their attention. 8 billion Snaps are sent every single day.

If we as coaches and parents are trying reach and teach our youth – then we need to go where they are. We have to ‘speak their language.’ It doesn’t matter where we want to go… we need to go where they are.

Like you, I take tremendous pride in being a role model and having a positive impact on young people. So it is my (our) responsibility to embrace platforms like Snapchat.

We can’t change the waves… but we can learn to surf.

Please join me on Snapchat.

Better yet, please encourage your team to follow me (and Drew Hanlen) so we can be a different voice in their ear, 24-7, supporting the standards you are preaching.

How do you (or your players) follow?

Simply send them this link:


I post exclusive content multiple times per day… including off-season workout and nutrition tips, behind-the-scenes peeks at my events and travel and a motivational series called The Daily Serving.

And they need to follow Drew as well:


Drew posts tons of behind-the-scenes content from his NBA pre-draft workouts… stuff that every player needs to see and experience.

Rich Czeslawski, who runs the business operations at Pure Sweat Basketball and is a longtime HS, College and Youth Coach makes up the third part of our Snapchat team. He posts daily insight on balancing business, basketball and family. Perfect for coaches or for players who want to get into the business of basketball some day!

Follow him at:


Your players should create a Player Development Notebook – a place where they keep all of the nuggets they ready/watch/listen to on social media as well as a detailed log of everything they do in their off-season workouts.

And tell them to create a section in that notebook for our Snaps! We promise to fill it with GOLD!

Alright… it’s time to get back in the gym.

Alan Stein