coachFIT Overview

coachFIT was strategically designed to help you improve your fitness level and physical well-being on a year-round basis

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coachFIT Benefits

coachFIT will help you look good, feel great and coach to your true potential


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coachFIT Features

coachFIT workouts are time efficient (< 15 minutes), require minimal equipment and can be followed in real time on any mobile device


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Multiple Workouts

The coachFIT program includes 10 different workouts – each with a different focus (upper body, lower body, core, etc.) – including workouts you can do in your hotel room or fitness center.


Nutrition Guide

The coachFIT program includes an instantly downloadable Nutrition Guide to help you eat well and maximize your workout results.


Minimal Equipment

Each coachFIT workout takes less than 15 minutes to complete, can be done anywhere with minimal equipment and followed on any mobile device.

Here is what Alan has to say about the coachFIT program, and how you can use it to improve your quality of life during the season:

You expect it of your players. Now expect it of yourself.
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