coachFIT Overview

Alan Stein personally designed this unique coachFIT workout program to help coaches get in and stay in shape during the season.

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coachFIT Benefits

2-3 coachFIT workouts per week will help you:

  • Stay fit during the long, stressful season
  • Make better decisions with more energy
  • Increase mental acuity


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coachFIT Flexibility

Each coachFIT workout can be:

  • Completed in 15 minutes
  • Modified for your fitness level
  • Done anywhere, with minimal equipment


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Targeted Workouts

7 Targeted Workouts

Workouts designed for Upper Body, Lower Body, Conditioning, Core & Mobility/Flexibility, PLUS workouts for hotel rooms and fitness centers for coaches on the road!

Nutrition Guide

Nutrition Guide

In order to truly serve your program, you need to constantly work to be the best version of yourself possible. This guide will give you nutrition strategies to maximize your workouts.

Minimal Equipment

Minimal Equipment

This program is designed to be completely flexible for busy schedules. You can do all of the workouts with little to no equipment, meaning we have helped remove excuses for you!

Here is what Alan has to say about the coachFIT program, and how you can use it to improve your quality of life during the season:

You expect it of your players. Now expect it of yourself.
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