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    • 1v2 Post Double Out

      Work on beating the double team in the post with this drill. Once the skip pass is completed out of the post it becomes live 1v1.

    • Pick & Roll Tight Triangle

      Drew teaches the proper footwork every player needs to learn when using ball screens.

    • Joel Embiid – Push-Out Step Breakdown

      Joel Embiid works a push-out step to get middle in the post.

    • Post Slide-By Finish

      Drew works with post players on working on a slide-by finish along the baseline.

    • Get Around Rebounding

      This rebounding drill puts the offensive and defensive player in a more game-like situation to work on blocking out and fighting around the block out. The player blocking out must get an offensive rebound to […]

    • Quick Spin or Go – Post Series

      Drew works with a post player on making either a quick spin or middle go based on the position of the defense.

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