Training System

Coach Alan Stein packaged his world-renowned training philosophy into this Basketball Performance Training System.

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Performance Workout

Coach Alan Stein shares his instruction, explanation and demonstration from one of his Cutting Edge Performance Clinics.

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Coach Alan Stein strategically designed the coachFIT Program to help you improve your fitness level on a year-round basis.

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Performance Training Philosophy


What we believe…

The Pure Sweat Performance Division provides the most up-to-date training concepts and methodologies for improving basketball-specific athleticism for males & females of all ages and levels. A complete player is made up of athleticism, skill, mind and heart. Pure Sweat’s Performance Training is the systematic approach to improving basketball-specific readiness, strength, speed and conditioning.

A basketball player’s athleticism is the foundation of their entire game. An improvement in athleticism will decrease the occurrence and severity of injury and allow a player to raise the level of their shooting, ball handling, passing and defending. That is why the best players and teams are in the best shape and move efficiently on the court. Basketball players are not Olympic lifters, football players, or bodybuilders – so they shouldn’t train as such. Their training needs to meet the specific demands of the game. It takes more than just lifting weights and running sprints to improve true basketball athleticism.

The 3 goals of Pure Sweat Performance Training:

  1. Reduce the occurrence and severity of injuries on the court – both acute and cumulative
  2. Improve movement efficiency on the court – which allows skills to be executed at a higher level
  3. Instill Communication, Leadership, Toughness and Respect (C.L.T.R.) 

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