Full Access

The Vault gives you full access to the foundation and application of Coach Alan Stein’s world-renowned training philosophy and methodology.


Cutting Edge

Includes Coach Alan Stein’s instruction, explanation, demonstration and life lessons from one of his Cutting Edge Clinics.


Bonus Material

BONUS: Access the highly touted King of the Court series, which includes videos to improve their offensive footwork, on-ball defense and ability to finish.


Benefits and Features

02-Vault-BenefitsThis Performance Vault package gives you everything you need to improve your team’s basketball-specific athleticism, on-court performance and team culture.

The Vault includes:

  • All 10 coachFIT workouts and Nutrition Guide.
  • All of our PDF workouts.
  • The entire Basketball Performance Training System.
  • The complete Basketball Performance Training Workout.
  • Bonus King of the Court Material.


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