Pre-Season Conditioning PDF


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What you do this pre-season will set the tone and lay the foundation for the entire season. And there is no excuse for your team not being in exceptional basketball shape. For the most part, you have minimal control over your team’s talent, size and athletic ability. But you have 100% control over your team’s fitness level. So beginning the season in anything less than absolute peak condition is completely unacceptable.

That’s why I designed this program. This program is most effective when done in small groups or with your entire team at once and monitored by a member of your coaching staff. It can be done in small doses (one quarter) to supplement skill workouts or a fall sport practice… and it can be done in larger doses (several quarters back-to-back) as a stand-alone program.

Once official practice begins, every minute you have to spend ‘getting your players in shape’ is a minute you aren’t teaching the game or developing their skills. If your team is constantly fatigued, their cognitive ability is severely decreased, which means they won’t be hearing you anyway!


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