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Rebounding Drill Book: Drills that will help your team win the rebounding battle

Drew Hanlen’s “Rebounding Drill Book: Drills that will help your team win the rebounding battle” is an extensive compilation of purposeful rebounding drills that will help coaches at all levels improve their team’s ability to dominate the rebounding battle and will have your players boxing out (or hitting & getting) and crashing the glass harder and more consistently than ever before.

In the NCAA tournament, the team that wins the rebounding battle wins the game 70% of the time, which shows how valuable rebounding truly is.

Rebounding is not flashy or fancy, and often times goes uncelebrated, but it helps you win games, which is all that matters. Great players are willing to do whatever it takes to give their team a competitive advantage, which means that all great players should take pride in rebounding. Rebounding is one of the only things that a player cannot do too much of. Coaches might complain if a player shoots too much or dribbles too much, but rarely, if ever, will a player get in trouble for rebounding too much.

If you want your team to win the rebounding battle, you must practice rebounding daily and get your players to buy in. The 19 purposeful and intense drills in this PDF cover every aspect of rebounding and will get your team ready to dominate the rebounding battle every game! Each drill includes teaching points, step-by-step instructions, drill diagrams and a scoring system to make the drills more competitive. You will also get my list of Rebounding Keys!

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