How I Got a College Scholarship

I did not have the ideal measurements (5’11”) that major college coaches drool over when recruiting, but I was able to collect a ton of Division 1 scholarship offers for the skills and traits that aren’t found in box scores. I was able to control my controllables… and put my focus on my attitude, effort, […]

5 Things College Coaches Really Look For

What college coaches really look for… Is he a winner? – Coaches want players that care more about the scoreboard than the box score. Does he do the little things that help his team win? Does he box out, dive on loose balls, take charges, make rotations in time, stay in an active stance in […]

How Strong is Your Want To?

In my opinion, the #1 factor that determines whether a player or coach or any other human being will be successful is their grit. Another way to describe grit is “want to.” I have met and worked with plenty of players that have the potential to be phenomenal players. But they don’t “want to.” It […]

5 Keys to Your Off-Season Skills Program

As coaches, our job is to encourage, support and inspire our players to do the things they need to do to be successful. To lead them to places they can’t get to by themselves. A major pillar in coaching is holding players accountable for everything they do (or don’t do) to help improve the team’s […]

The Brilliance of Steve Nash

Steve Nash is one of my all time favorite basketball players. He was fundamentally sound and understood how to play the game. He was savvy, unselfish, and physically and mentally tough. He was always committed to being the best player he we was capable of, was a remarkable teammate, and a resilient leader. And to […]

Time to Leave Your Comfort Zone

One of the most significant ingredients to success is your ability to be comfortable being uncomfortable. Your comfort zone is your enemy. It makes you soft. It leads to complacency. You have to constantly and consistently step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself. There is no reward for always playing it safe. The […]

How to Maximize the Off-Season

The road to next season’s championship starts today. Want to be more productive this off-season? Do more of what’s working and less of what isn’t. This simple concept is the foundation of success… on and off the court. Focus on doing the things that will get you closer to where you want to go. Don’t […]

Avoid Negative Absolute Statements When Coaching

Absolute statements like ‘always’ and ‘never’ can create a divide between coaches and players. They are confining statements that demotivate. And in most cases, they are untrue. It is rare that anyone, in any walk of life, always or never does anything! “You never box out!” “Why do you always turn the ball over?” Would […]

Why Body Language Matters

Tony Robbins rightfully points out that your physiology (body) dictates your psychology (mind). Your body plays a crucial role in your mind’s performance. Your body language dictates your attitude, energy and confidence. And the only way you can perform at a high level on the court – is with positive, empowering body language! It is […]

Thermometer Players vs Thermostat Players

By definition, a thermometer tells the temperature and a thermostat sets the temperature. The same can be said for basketball players. Players, are you a thermometer? Do you allow the environment around you (fans, opponent, referees, etc.) dictate your level of energy and focus? Or are you a thermostat? Do you set the tone and […]

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