6 Mistakes Young Players Make

Here are 6 mistakes I see many players making. These mistakes are understandable, but absolutely unacceptable. They only do the minimum required. They get to their workout 5 minutes before it starts and leave the moment it is over. They put way more time, effort and pride in to their offensive game. They are consumed […]

Don’t Lose Focus

How well do you focus during games? Do you stay in the moment or do you get distracted? Lack of focus causes missed lay-ups. Lack of focus causes missed defensive assignments. Lack of focus causes broken plays. Lack of focus and mental breakdowns keep you from playing as well as you can play. Great players […]

Make Time

As a basketball player or coach, you may often feel overwhelmed. It can be tough to balance school, practice, games, and quality time with your family and friends. It may seem difficult to fit everything in and feel like you are in complete harmony. Know this – you will never find time for anything. You […]

14 Qualities of a Master Coach

I am thankful to have had the opportunity to work with, learn from and talk shop with countless Hall-of-Fame coaches over my career. From dinners with Bobby Knight & Hubie Brown to watching Coach K & John Calipari run practice to private meetings with Kevin Eastman & George Raveling to speaking alongside Don Showalter and […]

Are You Dedicated?

Learning to be ‘comfortable being uncomfortable’ on a consistent basis requires dedication. Dedication is essential for success in anything, but especially in basketball. The game is so competitive, if you aren’t dedicated, you won’t make it. The top players at every level spend hours and hours on the court and in the weight room making […]

Your Comfort Zone is Your Enemy

Your comfort zone is your enemy. Your comfort zone makes you soft. Your comfort zone makes you complacent. If you want to maximize your ability, on and off the court, you must learn to be comfortable being uncomfortable. You have to consistently (and intentionally) step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself. You must […]

Communication Rating System

Communication is a separator. Good teams talk. Great teams communicate. Effective communication is a skill.   Like any skill, it can be learned and can be improved with proper practice and repetition. The key is making successful communication a habit. I have developed the following rating system to help evaluate and improve communication this off-season: 0 […]

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