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There is no excuse for your team not staying in peak basketball shape during the season. While you have minimal control over your team’s talent, size and overall athletic ability, you have 100% control over their fitness level. And maintaining a high level of conditioning takes minimal time.

That’s why I designed this program. And by ‘program’, it is actually more of a rough blueprint, as you will be the one selecting which drills to do and exactly how many sets and reps.

Every minute you spend ‘getting your players in shape’ is a minute you aren’t teaching the game or developing their skill. Therefore, these workouts should be done with your team at the end of practice so you aren’t cutting short your teaching and instruction. And performing them after practice will ensure your players remain mentally fresh during practice to accept your teaching and coaching.

These drills are designed to supplement your practices to help keep your players in peak basketball shape. It is vital that they maintain their capacity to perform their skills at high level over the course of an entire game and sustain that level for the entire season.

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Bradley Beal

“Drew’s workouts are bar none the best. He gives you a confidence in certain areas of your game that you thought you’d never have.”

Bradley Beal / Washington Wizards / NBA

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