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Are you ready to look better, feel better and coach better the rest of this season? Did the holidays leave you a little uncomfortable around the midsection?

Welcome to coachFIT!

Basketball coaches at every level are prone to getting out of shape and gaining unwanted weight during the long, stressful season. Lack of sleep, poor diet, and simply not enough hours in the day to devote to working out make this understandable.

But just because something is understandable, doesn’t mean it is acceptable!

Your fitness level and overall health directly impact your ability to coach. Gaining unnecessary weight and getting out of shape drastically decreases your mental acuity, your energy level, your decision making… and most importantly… it sets a poor example for your players.

That is why Alan Stein created coachFIT – a workout program designed specifically to help coaches with hectic schedules stay fit!

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Bradley Beal

“Drew’s workouts are bar none the best. He gives you a confidence in certain areas of your game that you thought you’d never have.”

Bradley Beal / Washington Wizards / NBA

Now, you can train like Drew’s NBA Clients.

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